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İnternational Trade

royal group > İnternational Trade

We are global Commodities and procurement experts.


Our products and services range from sourcing, processing, storage, and shipping to trading and marketing a wide spectrum of essential food commodities


The commodities are detailed out into

Agri – Commodities– Sugar– Wheat– Rice– Coffee – edible Grains and differentiated high-quality Cereals

Non-Agri – Commodities – Medical, Surgical Equipment & Instruments (scalpel, curette,  surgical suture, syringe, speculum, medical glove, and gauze), Building and Construction Materials namely cement, steel, paint, pipes, ceramics, metal, clay, tiles, doors, iron sheets,                                                                            toiletries, Jacuzzis, etc. iron billets
                                                                         • Fashionable commodities like Fabric materials and Machinery; These include farm                                                                                        machines  ranging from farm  tractors, and cement clinkers to light manufacturing plants                                                                              like  water bottling plants, etc.