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zeki pasha palace

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The  Palace of Zeki pasha in Rumeli Hisar the European side. It was designed by French architect Alexandre Vallaury. It was made for Marshal Zeki Pasha, one of the ministers of the Abd al-Hamid period. This 130-year-old Baroque-style mansion is one of the most magnificent coastal mansions in the Bosphorus with its 5 interconnecting floors, a total interior area of ​​2.500 square meters, a 4-acre garden, and a 110-meter dock. 4.5 meters ceiling height. It consists of 23 rooms + 4 halls and 8 bathrooms, the palace with an elevator has an indoor car park suitable for expansion for 4 cars. Zeki Pasha Palace is an old second-class building. This building is among the 10 most expensive homes in the world. It is the costliest building in Turkey and is the only palace with tourism development in Istanbul with a stake in the sea since its construction, a natural gas line and elevator have been added only and no other additions have been made. It has its port and is the only palace with this advantage in Bosphorus

Also, he is the only one with a tourist license that can be converted into a museum or hotel

Construction was built by architect Alexander who built a beer palace in Istanbul.

It also has a unique architectural advantage, although the palace is under the bridge, there is no problem with the sound thanks to its architectural design for noise reduction. It is a special design. During the construction of the bridge, the existence of one of the pillars of the bridge coincided with the palace, and the bridge project was changed by the state to avoid any damage to the palace. Another feature that worked specifically for the yacht of  Zeki Pasha, which had a 15-meter yacht that designed its port for the palace and is also unique in the Bosphorus Strait.